The companies that make up the CSE mainly operate in the field of Public Works, creating road, civil and industrial infrastructures of all kinds and sizes

The development and technological upgrading in construction methods and modern equipment in each of the companies in the consortium, together with the involvement and training of their staff, determined the competitiveness and the success of the companies themselves at national level.

The operating philosophy of CSE, through the experience of the consortium, has decided to focus on environmentally sustainable construction, rearranging how to build the new ones and how retrain old buildings.

Today, finally, respect for man and the environment has become the first step in construction sector, where engineering and architectural choices do not prevent from living in comfort of our homes, our neighborhoods, roads and places of work, but also preserve the urban environment for future generations of tomorrow.

The key word is to create a system: buildings with energy certificates, and public spaces calibrated on human scale.