Leader in the construction sector.

The “Consorzio Stabile Europeo” (Stable European Consortium) wasformed in order to participate in the most arduous and important tenders with the highest levels of competitiveness.

The “Consorzio Stabile Europeo” has an inner structure which is both efficient and competitive, thanks to the experience and technical competence of the companies that make up the Consortium and which come from years of hard work and the realisation of several important projects.

Today, continuous technological development, together with the involvement of our highly trained staff in all areas of our projects gives us a competitive edge in any field of construction.

Consorzio Stabile Europeo

Our Services

The CSE consortium believe very much on the use of materials and environmentally friendly technologies, but also relies on recycled materials from demolition in special installations, because there is no doubt that respect for man and the environment also passes through the recycling of building materials, which guarantees greater protection of environment not renewable resources. The experience gained over the years and the continuous updating and improvement of training of the staff, has allowed us to create the optimal conditions for a working group of motivated and able to solve any situation or problem in order to achieve the Consortium’s objectives. Consorzio Stabile Europeo proposes itself for infrastructure works of any kind as a General Contractor and more precisely, consortium will apply the most advanced technologies using modern equipment, the management of the contract and the quality control in the execution of work. To local subcontractors will be entrusted with the execution of works using as far as possible the local workers and equipment in order to create a significant induced with the development of socio-economic realities in the area.